Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ooo, well, another typing session.

So, it hasn't been easy, but I've been getting through the last month. Normally, I'm relaxing, thinking, "Oh, schools gonna start soon. Yay!" But instead, I am challenged by things like buying a new car and getting an apartment. It's pretty difficult. I don't remember adult life being so hard. . . maybe because I was a kid before.

I started meeting with a group on Mondays to help me with things. And there are many groups the Lord has blessed me with. It's been amazing!

The not so amazing things is my up coming recital and the whole money situation. I guess it's nothing new though. I'm use to stuff like this.

Emotionally, it has been pretty up and down. I've met some pretty amazing people, strangely online (don't judge me, it's not like I went to a chat room). They have been a blessing (even though they don't know it yet. :-3). And I have great roommates. But my thing is, is that I still haven't really gotten passed my pain in relationships as a child/adolescent, and so it's hindering me from a lot of growth. The Monday group is really helping me out with that, and a few people's guidance. It made me realize that if I were to marry, I would need to hold my Lord's hand and place my burdens on Him, while dealing with pain. Right now, I'm not so spectacular at that (good thing I know this). Future spouse, I am praying for you. Mostly cause I know I'm going to end up even more opinionated and fired up. Good thing, too, cause some people need that.

Anyway, I'm working hard and praying. It's life, I suppose.