Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I'm still alive . . . I think.

So, thankfully, I am still alive. :P

This semester has been a little more than interesting. I feel like everything happened in a four month span.

Let's start with September/October, shall we?
I took 20 credits of classes. Yes, I am insane. I really want to graduate in time. And sometimes you have to destroy your brain to build it up. At least, that's what I tell myself. Keep in mind, as a music major, that's about eleven or twelve classes. And no, it's not just fun and games with playing music. This crap is difficult. I love this crap, but it challenges me. And I had a recital I prepared for and finished. It was exhausting. My load was easier once recital was done. At the end of October, I started a relationship. Wooooo! It's my first one in over two years, so I'm a bit rusty, lemme say that now.

I may have had a lighter load, but the band traveled to Seattle, WA to play at WIBC. We did spectacular. So much so that our conductor, Pat, said we were going to do David Maslanka's fourth symphony. I'm freaking excited for that, by the way. But right after WIBC, christmas concert was on my tail and I was just exhausted. Luckily, I had support all the way around from many people. I was tired, though. Very tired. I slept maybe 5 hours a night. Had a lot of work to do. Even did NaNoWriMo. It was insane.

This was by far the most difficult month. I had the concert, had to learn both choir and band music. And finals week. So much to do. The only thing on my side happened to be that I didn't have to do a jury for Clarinet (because of the recital). That made me extremely happy. But my instructor was still relentless. When the week was over, I felt relieved. I was done with the semester.

That's a short recap. VERY short recap.

I'm glad I'm still alive.

But anyway, I have a few projects planned for next year. I'm going to finish Man of War, a book I've been writing about a half demon exorcist (Ironic? Why yes it is). I'm going to train for marathons and triathlons (for my health, and I need a goal), and I plan on taking up archery. These will be my hobbies for sure. I need them.
I will be applying to grad schools, because music is crazy competitive. I need to do it now. I'm really nervous. Beyond nervous. One slot is open in the PSU grad conducting program. I really want it.

But this is the current me. :)