Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why must everyone bash others!?

Alright, I'm posting this because it's really been bothering me the last few days, and bare with me, cause this isn't directed at anyone. I just notice it because I'm part of this group and it really irritates me.

Why the hell are only Christians pointed out for their faults?!

I am a believer, and I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Does me saying this mean I shove a religion down someone's throat? Apparently. If someone were to say they were a Buddhist, they're okay. But to say that one loves Jesus, not okay.

I'm so annoyed at this notion.

Here are my reasons why I get so livid at this:

1) There are extremists in every religion. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There are muslims who think killing other off that don't believe in Allah is okay. There are Buddhists who think that all should become monks and live for only achieving nirvana. How about we not point out one group's faults? Doesn't this make you look judgmental, by judging? Saying, "how dare you!" and pointing out douche ways makes you look like a douche. It shouldn't be done.

2) Not everyone is perfect. No one is, in fact. So to point the finger, again, at someone and say "look! hypocrite." Well, so are you. Yes. We all are. Stop that now. Jesus didn't come into the world for healthy people, he came for the sick. It is guaranteed that that Christian that just screwed up knows they did and are praying for forgiveness. People don't need to just get pissed off at each other. I'm sure they have all messed up too.

3) Just because we talk about our beliefs doesn't mean we're trying to convert and brainwash. Maybe we just like to talk about it. It is our life. It fascinates us. Getting angry over talking about it and dwelling on God is not a bad thing. We're PASSIONATE about this. We love God. Whether you think he exists is not our business. We're here to worship God and we're proud. Stop getting upset by it and let us do so.

4) We have our beliefs. Just as anyone else on the planet. Now, if we believe in an afterlife, and hell, or whatever, we believe it. It really shouldn't affect you if we think sin hurts you, or sends to hell. It's kinda lame to get upset when you don't even believe in the hell. So, instead of insulting, let people believe what they believe. Some think that the clouds are a god. So? Some think layers of heaven exist. And?

This is my rant. I'm so sick of looking at the media and people point the finger at one group. It is so rude and frustrating, as I am a part of this group you bash. I am part of the one church, ruled by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

If you don't like it, tough.
Read above if you need a recap.

(Disclaimer: not directed at any individual or one group)


  1. 1) Well, yes. But last time I checked, there weren't any extremist Buddhists in Congress passing laws to enforce monkhood on everyone.

    2) True. It's just super-frustrating when someone claims automatic superiority because of their religious beliefs when, as you said, they're *at least* as hypocritical as anyone else. And a lot of Christians *do* claim automatic superiority, even if only through their actions.

    3) That's fine! But it can be obnoxious when someone talks incessantly about a topic the other person has no interest in. Also, were this simply an issue of people having personal passions, there wouldn't be nearly as much Christian-bashing. A lot of it comes from the fact that the religious right in America *is* trying to brainwash kids and force their beliefs on people. These are people who claim Christianity and thus add to its reputation.

    4) You're right! It really shouldn't affect me. But it does affect me when the religious right (who are, let me remind you, using the banner of Christianity) tries to make gay marriage unconstitutional and forces schools to teach children their religious beliefs.

    Much of the Christian-bashing you see is a direct result of the politicization of Christianity.

  2. Btw, sorry to continue this debate on your blog. I decided to read it and couldn't restrain myself.

    Still friends?