Friday, December 6, 2013

Wedding things!

There is something that I haven't really talked about that I'm really really excited about. Mostly because I have been so wrapped up in my career and leaving that my woman instincts have been turned off.
Today, though, I went to a bridal store with my future sister-in-law, Samantha. She is much more of a womanly person and she's also my main planner and sharing the role of maid of honor with my best friend, Jason (who is actually the 'man of honor').
I had never really thought of what kind of dress I enjoyed, until I tried one on. If you see my facebook page and my "secret album" (the one Jonathan can't see), you can see the dress that I fell in love with. It is so beautiful.
Another thing I decided is to have it at the Portland World Trade Center.
This is where the ceremony would take place.

This is where the reception would be held.
I really love how it looks. It's so me and Jonathan. We love the environment and the beauty. And the prices are very good for a venue, and it includes catering.
This weekend, we are going back to David's bridal to see other deals on bridesmaid dresses and find a cheaper look alike for the dress. Then, we're going to the Men's Warehouse to find Jonathan's and the groomsman's tuxes. I'm so excited, and Jonathan is smiling more, which is showing more excitement on his end.
We have other ideas on items like cakes:

The first cake is our number one choice, but the second is something we like, too.
And the floral arrangements:

These are still in debate.

But I'm so excited! I will update more when more happens! :D

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